You can get a celebrity look at your nearest cosmetic dentist in just 10 min. The tooth jewel comes in 2 categories i.e temporary and permanent. This depends upon the individual choice. Just step in,get a great dazzling smile and make heads turn !


  • The tooth jewel are available in various shapes and colors. Depending upon your choice, select and go ahead for the painless and instant procedure! 
  • Your cosmetic dentist will select the most prominent tooth while you're smiling.
  • Doctor will condition the tooth and bond with a jewel of your choice. So, you are ready with a glittering smile!
  • It's very much superficial and not at all invasive, leaves no scar even after removal!


Getting a tooth jewel instant is a trendy art on teeth before you attend any function or in your own wedding. It adds up glamour and makes you look fabulous during your interaction with people. There are no adverse affects post bonding. You must make your own style statement before any social function. It boosts up your confidence and makes you look fabulous. Upgrading your self with latest trends makes your mental health maintained in a good condition rather than following old styles which makes you feel stagnant and ultimately depressed and no growth in routine/career life.