Bile is produced in the liver and small amount of it get stored in the gallbladder; Gallstone formation is common, there are many theories behind its formation but there are no preventive method; Most common symptom is right upper abdomen pain, 20-30% patients have dyspeptic symptoms; when ultrasound is done for these symptoms gallstones are detected, Sometimes ultrasound is done for other than these symptoms and patient may be diagnosed to have gall-stones, this condition is called asymptomatic gallstones; 

Generally CECT Abdomen is not done but whenever there is doubt of cancer gallbladder on ultrasound it should be done, For symptomatic patients Surgery (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in which whole of the gallbladder is removed) is preferred; It is a day care surgery in which patient is operated in morning and can be discharged in the evening and from next day onwards patient can do normal day to day activities, because of complications of Gallstones such as Jaundice/Cholangitis/Pancreatitis/Cancer even in asymptomatic patients surgery is preferred