Soup's low calorie yet high nutritional content makes it an ideal option for weight loss. What's more is you definitely don't need to be a Julia Child or a Martha Stewart in the kitchen to whip up a delicious batch of soup for yourself. Here are a few tips to help getting you started on your soup-fueled weight loss journey-

  • Starting any new diet takes a bit of easing into. If you think existing only on soup is challenging, then you can start by supplementing your meals with a small bowl of wholesome soup. This way, the liquid content in the soup will fill you up and you will also cut down on the calories from your real meal. Chicken broth, tomato basil, or carrot ginger soups are great options for getting started.
  • If you are looking to lose more than just a couple of kilos, go one step further and replace your dinner entirely with a big bowl of wholesome soup. Broccoli potato, mushroom, or lentil soups are excellent when it comes to satisfying those pesky hunger pangs. Make sure you switch things around and constantly experiment with a lot of different veggies, seafood, and meat combinations. This way, not only will you get your daily nutrition fix but you also won't get bored of your diet soon.
  • If you think you have got it in you to be hard-core and take the additional step, you should go ahead and give the infamous cabbage soup diet a shot. This is a 7-day diet that consists of eating unlimited portions of homemade cabbage soup as often as you feel hungry. This soup is extremely easy to prepare, delicious to eat, and last but not the least, totally inexpensive. However, you should know, although this diet is known to help lose up to 5 kgs or more in a week, you will also be dealing with a lot of gas problems! So keep those antacids handy!
  • It is also important to remember that not all soups are created equal. So, whatever your weight loss goals are, you will definitely want to stay away from the rich and creamy soups that are laden with butter or the store bought varieties that are packed with high amounts of sugars and sodium.

That being said, you now know everything you need to give this a try. Go on, take a crack at soup as one of your weight loss efforts! It might surprise you how effective it can be.