1. Should I use a sunscreen?  Which sunscreen is suitable for me?

More than half of the population with pigmentation or uneven skin tone has been suffering from sun-damaged skin. If you have been ignoring advice on sun protection, its high time you start using a sunscreen

Gel or aqua gel based sunscreen is good for people with acne or oily skin. Those with very dry skin can use lotion based sunscreen or apply a layer of moisturizer ten minutes before applying sunscreen

2. Sensitive skin issues

If your skin often becomes red, irritable, itchy or dry – you may be having a sensitive skin type and need special care. Using a good non-fragrant bland moisturizer is a must for you on regular basis

3. Should I scrub my face?

Scrubbing you face using commercial scrubs may not be the best idea. While it does have a peeling effect and eliminates dead skin in some, it could cause mild abrasions, allergies or redness. So beware!

4. Moisturizer

It’s indeed advisable to use a moisturizer daily, preferably the non-commercial, non-fragrant ones which are low on chemicals. They help in keeping your skin soft, young and supple looking.

5. What about pimples and scars?

These could be troublesome for many teenagers and may recur for some even in their late twenties and thirties.Use a salicylic acid based face wash. Its best to discuss the relevant treatment with your dermatologist.

6. Over the counter anti-pimple treatment

AVOID THEM. Some over the counter creams sold for pimples by chemists actually have steroids. This further worsens the face texture and ends up causing bigger acne and scars in longer run.

7. I have a party/wedding coming up,  any quick-fix measures?

In such situations you could meet a qualified dermatologist for a microdermabrasion or a mild chemical peel. These procedures are safe and remove the layers of dead cornified skin leaving a brighter, fresher and younger looking skin.

Simple daily care measures go along way in keeping your skin healthy. Remember, when you can brush your teeth daily, why shy away from skin care. Consult your dermatologist for further skin issues you may have.

A healthy skin reflects a healthy you!