Forgiving to yourself and others
can protect you 
against stress and also improve your mental health. A research
carried out has found and  looked at the affects of lifetime stress
on people’s mental health, it has been  found out how more forgiving people scored
more when compared to people who weren’t so forgiving.

The results had come out without any
surprise. People with greater exposure to stress during their lifetimes have
had the worst mental and physical health issues. But it has also been
discovered that if people were

highly forgiving of both themselves and  to others, that characteristic, that

positiveness, that charm has virtually eliminated the connection between stress
and mental illness.

If you do not have forgiving
tendencies then you feel the bad effects of stress in a enhanced and worsened
way. You haven’t  even have got  a buffer against that stress.

How a forgiving constitution of
a person protects the person  from the ills of severe stress is hard
to determine or conclude. The research has speculated that people who have got
a more forgiving nature have

adopted better coping skills to deal with stress, or their reaction to major

stress concerns may be dulled.

The sample of people in the
study is small, and more research is needed to fully understand the benefits of
being more forgiving. I personally believe  that forgiveness can be
learned. Many practitioners and health professionals work to cultivate
forgiveness in sessions, and my own prior research has shown that
saying a short prayer or a brief meditation on forgiveness can help people take
the edge off.

Forgiveness has got that bad
connection between stress and mental illness and makes it zero. I think most
people want to feel good and it offers you the opportunity to do that.

Every thing is there in the
mind. Stress is the main cause of all the diseases in the

world. Learn to avoid stress and learn to forgive. I bet you will have a much

better, stable and a healthy life. Have a great life ahead.