Have the gal pals around poked fun at you? Shy of smiling or talking to people, and do you hide your lips because of the dark patches, spots, and dead flaky skin or simply because no matter how much of lip balm and gloss you use, they just don't match up with the divas lips you notice- YOU AREN'T ALONE!

Blame it on lifestyle changes, sleeping habits, eating habits, lack of exercise or even on unhealthy ways, such as smoking and consuming alcohol, having a cup more of coffee et al, our lips are a pair that suffers the most on our face. Caring for them is a must, since they are one of the first facial features noticed, no matter what the occasion or where we go.

5 remedies to resurrecting those dead lips

Yes, you read that right and today we would like to share with you five easy homemade remedies for those lips to turn lucky! Read on girls (boys too), and flaunt those lovely lips the world wants to see- with pride!

Honey and lime scrub

The best part about using a teaspoon of honey with two teaspoons of lemon concentrate is that, honey packed with its moisturising effect keeps the lips soft and supple, and maintains the oil balance too. On the other hand, lemon loaded with vitamin C nourishes the skin on the lips and gently balances the pH levels of the lips as well. Combine the two and apply as a balm for a moistening effect. Do this thrice a week and watch the difference a week later!

Sugar and lime

Brown sugar granules (a teaspoon) when mixed with two tablespoons of lime concentrate can help nourish the skin on the lips, also helps with the removal of dead skin cells too. When dead skin cells are removed, one would have newer cells on the forefront, which would make the lips softer and glossier to look, touch and feel. The vitamins in the lemon found, help with nourishing the lips and providing a perfect pH balance too. Exfoliation and nourishment at its best- a spa for the lips with this combination!

Strawberry and lime

The goodness of strawberries cannot be underestimated, and with the help of lemon concentrate, a perfect mix of antioxidants and vitamins helps rejuvenate, refresh and exfoliate the lip skin to finesse. What you need to do is to apply the paste of two or three strawberries (raw) to the lime concentrate (two tablespoons). Mix well and apply on the skin, wash off in ten minutes. Do this twice a week and watch results in 10 days!

Butter and oatmeal

Take a tablespoon of white butter (unsalted) to which half a tablespoon of fine coarse oatmeal has been added. Mix the two into a paste and apply on the lips; keeping it on for ten minutes. The fiber in oatmeal helps with exfoliation while the butter helps restore the oil balance and restores life into the skin cells. Do this twice a week before meals or the morning teeth brushing ritual!

Chocolate and almonds

Try not eating this one, and resist the temptation to do so! Melt a tablespoon of bitter chocolate and a few almond pieces (powdered); mix the two into a paste and apply on your lips. Gently with the fingers, massage the lips and wash it off with cold water thereafter. Do this thrice a week and watch the results in a month.

We hope you now know how to look into your kitchen for lip exfoliation answers, and possibly not eat them up too. Grandma's ways are the best ways; so au naturale and safe for the skin- goodbye conventional lip scrubs and balms!