Foot Ulceration is one of the most common precursors for lower extremity amputations in Diabetics. Because they allow an avenue for infection and progressive tissue necrosis. In India, foot ulceration in Diabetes is commonly associated with peripheral neuropathy ( Insensate foot) and repetitive trauma due to normal walking  to the areas of foot exposed to high pressure and shear forces.

Foot deformities, limited joint mobility and other structural deformities often predisposes to abnormal weight bearing and areas of concentrated pressure significantly increases the risk of ulceration.

These factors associated with Limb ischemia increases the chances of foot ulceration leading to amputation.

So investigations like Biothesiometer, Semmes- Weinstein Monofilament Test for Neuropathy, AB Index by Dopplers  for ischemia, Foot Scan for pressure assessment are basic investigations a patient of Diabetes should undergo in Diabetes foot clinic  in helping the Doctor to  prevent the Foot ulceration.

Modification / change of Foot wares, In soles  along with Diabetic foot care goes in long way to prevent the Foot ulceration in Diabetics.