Reflexology believes that the entire human body and its organs have representations on the soles of our feet! 

Regularly doing a nice foot massage relaxes, rejuvenates and recharges the body and the mind and helps in good health! 

A simple daily routine of do-it- yourself foot massage could help you to relax the body and get a really good nights sleep! 

First wash the feet after soaking them in Epsom salts (2tsp) or rock salt (4 tsp) and warm water in a tub for 10 minutes . 

See that you are in bed and all your chores done and it's the last thing before you sleep. Keep the lights dim and the surroundings peaceful for this one! No gadgets! 

Use a nice thick oil with some aroma essential oil ( I give lavender oil to help one relax ) 

Starting from the arch of the foot, using the thumb, rub the foot in circular motions. Do it from the arch and progress to the entire foot while slowly increasing the pressure. 

Do 15 repetitions on each sole. Wear a pair of cotton socks to keep the feet warm. A couple of minutes of this ensures that the night's sleep is deep and refreshing!

Added benefits of regular and specific foot acupressure and reflexological massage: 

1. Relieves aches and pains 

2. Helps in digestion 

3. Improves metabolism and stamina to exercise 

4. Improves circulation 

5. Helps in muscle stretches 

6. Used in treatment of restless leg syndrome 

7. Reduces lactic acid related muscle pain 

8. In children, boosts growth and immunity !