There is no need to deny yourself of late night snacking but you should be very cautious about what you eat at night. Choose healthier foods in order to avoid a heavy intake of calories, heart burning problems, weight gain and incomplete sleeping patterns. Here are some foods that you should try not to consume before going to bed:

1. Fat or greasy foods

Greasy and heavy foods before going to bed can make you feel sluggish in the morning and also make your stomach work overtime to digest all that heavy food. Stay away from things like fast food, ice cream, or super cheesy foods right before bed.

2. Sugary foods

Eating something high in sugar before going to bed can spike blood sugar levels, which will ultimately disturb the natural sleeping pattern. So avoid sugary products before going to bed.

3. Red meat and other proteins rich foods

Like fatty foods, eating red meat late at night will disturb your sleep, as it sits in your stomach and takes some time to digest. So avoid high protein foods before going to bed.

4. Spicy foods

Spicy, peppery foods may upset your stomach and stimulate your senses, making it hard to fall asleep.

5. Alcohol Of Any Kind

Alcohol is a sleep killer and it contains more calories. So, drinking alcohol before going to bed might disturb your sleep as well as health. If you really want to drink something before going to bed you can have a cup of green tea which is high in antioxidants, and boosts your metabolism.