Today the world over we are celebrating the "World Heart Day". Indians are fast reaching a point where we are going to be at the number one spot for having most heart disease patients. It's the number one killer for us Indians.

So, what are we doing to take care of this most precious organ in our body which works tirelessly for us? The organ which keeps us alive, literally!!

Here are a few steps and foods to having a healthy heart.

  1. Oats: An excellent source of good fiber, oats contain the kind of fiber that helps to bind the cholesterol in the body and throw it out of the system. Have one bowl of this goodness daily either in the form of savory oats upma or chilla or as a porridge. 
  2. Wheat Bran: Easily available in the market, wheat bran when added to either your roti flour or used to thicken soups, helps to lower cholesterol and also to lose weight.
  3. Almonds: Having 6 to 8 almonds daily helps to improve the good cholesterol in your body. It has the good omega fatty acids and is also a good source of protein and calcium. Even though they are good for the heart, be careful how much you eat because they are calorie dense.
  4. Fish: Make sure that you have fish 3 times a week to get the good fatty acids which will help to keep your cholesterol numbers in check.
  5. Flax seeds: A spoonful of flax seed powder sprinkled over your salad, mixed in your curd or buttermilk or added to the chutney will help in getting your need for not only fiber but also good fatty acids. 

Apart from adding these foods listed above in your diet regularly, make sure that you are drinking plenty of water - 8 to 10 glasses daily if you do moderate activity, have 2 to 3 servings of fruit daily and be physical activity - chose any exercise or workout activity you like - Zumba, aerobics, pilates, brisk walk, swimming - whatever you enjoy and make it a regular affair.

So, be good to your heart and take care of it!