Cardiac patients are given blood thinners so that blood keeps flowing smoothly & does not cause blockages through clots.

Pregnant woman are given blood thinners so that the blood supply towards growing baby is smooth.

Most Commonly Used Blood Thinner is Aspirin for Pregnant women & together with Aspirin ,Clopidogrel are routinely prescribed for Cardiac Patients.

Fair Enough.

Mortality & Morbidity of Cardiac Patients have come down.

Heparin & Warfarin are given in cases of DVT ( Clots elsewhere,carrying a risk of dislodging & going towards lungs causing Instant Death due to Pulmonary Embolism).

Be Cautious About Intake of Blood Thinners Through Foods as Combinations of Medicines & These Foods Can Cause Deadly Hemorrhages inside the body.

Foods as Blood Thinners-

1) A STUDY Published in 2012 suggests that taking a daily dose of Turmeric Spice may help people maintain the Anticoagulant Status of their Blood.

People Can Take Turmeric as Spice,added to Curries or With Milk as Beverage.

Turmeric is Sold as Capsule SNEC 30 which has pure Curcumin as Nano Particles.

No wonder that Haldi Wala Doodh Is one among Popular Dadi Ma Ke Nuskhe.

2) GINGER - Is Still the Best Anti-Oxidant and Blood Thinner too.

There are ways to consume Ginger as Tea and as Concoction.

To get Best Out of Ginger Therapy is to Boil Few Pieces in 1 L Water on Slow Fire & Use the Extract to Make Beverages of Choice Along With Added Toned Milk.

By the way Aspirin is a Synthetic Derivative of Ginger.

3) Dates- Do Not Eat them straight from the packet.

Boil 3-4 dates in 1 L milk on slow fire & drink this milk. 

There is No Need to Add Sugar.

 It is Good For Diabetics,because Sugar in Dates Has Low Glycemic Index ( requires less insulin compared to other sugars & starches )

4) Vitamin E - Present in Nuts like Almonds,Sunflower seeds & in Capsules given Added to the Prescription,unknowingly for Muscle & Joint Problems.

5)Garlic - A recent favorite for everyone. Some Eat it Raw, others take it with Honey & is Also Sold as Capsules.

6) Cinnamon ( Daalchini)

7)Ginkgo biloba

8) Various Herbs Sold Over The Counter For Different Reasons.

Do Take Blood Thinners as prescribed medicines.

Do Not Be Obsessed With Herbs & Spices in Kitchen.

Our Bodies Still Know Better that others including our Doctors.

Listen To The Silent Language of Body 

Excess of everything is Bad,including Ginger,Garlic.