I see patients of primary hypothyroidism on so many dietary restrictions, they flaunt their habits and some get disturbed with the do's and dont's. In the era of iodine deficiency and goitre the concept of restricting food stuff called goitrogens came. The concept was to restrict the agents known to increase goitre (ghenga). Patta gobhi, phool gobhi, tomatoes, milk stuff, soybean became the strict no-no's for hypothyroid people with goitre.

Majority of Indians are to a larger extent thrive on vegetarian diet and these stuffs are found the most in our diet. Restricting day to day food stuff was practically not possible and also an injustice to the patients. Research doesn't restrict these stuffs to all patients. There are a few who require genuine restriction but not all. Many patients suffer because of the whims and fancies of their doctors, friends and relatives who spread this wrong piece of information. Patients with thyroid illness should eat all stuff and not restrict themselves with unnecessary advice.