Continuing our quest of busting health myths on foods containing fat- Previously, we checked on the fat content of vegetables and fruits. In this section, we have covered protein sources like chicken, eggs and nuts that are considered fattening. And some  starchy carbohydrates sources like flour and simple carbohydrate sources like honey and sugar that promote fat storage

Chicken Breast- Chicken is a great source of high quality protein, and chicken breast is the leanest part of chicken. It contains negligible fat. Chicken breast can help burn fat and build muscle. Its also called 'white meat'- which is the lean part of chicken. Note that cooking chicken breast might add fat. Chicken legs and other portions contain fat and are known as 'dark meat'.

Besides the protein sources there are other foods that may not contain fat but promote fat storage. Here are few such foods commonly available to us:

Sugar- Sugar only contain simple carbohydrates. By itself it does not contain any fat, but due to its high content of simple carbohydrates and thus a high glycemic index, it promotes fat storage in the body.

Honey- Honey is simply sugar with some mineral and vitamins. It also does not contain any fat, but excessive consumption of honey (like sugar), can promote fat storage in the body.