Food impaction is forceful wedging of food into the periodontium in between teeth or on the sides of teeth.  

Food impaction can be caused by the presence of dental decay, spacing between teeth, sharp cusps of teeth due to attrition of opposing teeth, improper fillings or fracture fillings, crowns which are not contoured properly, deep bite or cross bite tooth movement or adjacent teeth occlusal height discrepancy.

The sequale of food impaction could be the occurrence of interproximal caries where none were present, gingival inflammation, pocket formation, bone loss, bleeding gums, discomfort, bad breath, pain, abscess and mobility of tooth.

What should be done?- Check up with the dentist to correct the fillings or crown, scaling, filling or correction of cusps, occlusion etc. If severe bone loss is present curettage or flap surgery may be necessary.

So if food impaction is noticed contact the dentist to treat it early. Food impaction is a sign of disease. You must address this as soon as possible with your dentist to avoid further breakdown!