The debate on how much fluoride a person, especially a kid needs has been going on for a while. Some standards are in place to help with this. Are you worried about giving your child too little or too much of fluoride? You need not worry, there are some simple steps that should be followed to ensure that the right amount of fluoride is being used when cleaning your child’s teeth/ mouth.

Sr. No.

Child’s Age

Amount of Toothpaste

Fluoride Content



Below 2 Years

No toothpaste required. Washing thoroughly with water is adequate.


Wash twice a day


2 – 3 Years

Smear/ Amount of a grain of rice

0.1 mg

Brush twice a day


3 - 6 Years

Pea-sized Amount

0.25 mg

Brush twice a day


     6 + years 

Regular amount used for adults

Atleast 1.0 mg

*Kids below 2 and prone to decay, can use fluoridated toothpaste but caretakers must consult a dentist before they do so.

*Please consult your doctor before opting for a brushing regime.

*If your child is prone to caries, you will have to increase his/ her fluoride usage. Please consult your doctor regarding the same.

*Supervise the brushing procedure to ensure that your child is able to brush his/ her teeth properly. Also, provide guidance to reduce swallowing of toothpaste.