Thera-Band® FlexBar® exerciser is a flexible, durable resistance device with a ridged surface for enhanced grip during use. It is used to improve grip strength and upper extremity stabilization by bending, twisting, or oscillation movement. It has been research-proven effective for Tennis Elbow, offering a cost-effective treatment that requires no injection or expensive equipment.

Its Not Just to be used for rehabilitation, but can be used for Strengthening the muscle around wrist and elbow, during warm ups and also for improving grip strength

It comes in five different colors - ranging from Low Level Resistance to Heavy level (Color codes indicated level of resistance)

Yellow flexbar = Extralight - replicated - 6lbs resistance

Red flexbar = Light - replicated -  10 lbs resistance

Green flexbar =Medium - replicated -  15 lbs resistance

Blue  flexbar = HEavy - replicated - 25 lbs resistance

Use Yellow for beginning then progress to Red, Green and Blue to increase challenge when needed

MOST Effective tools for Guitarist, Piano players, Divers, Cricketer, Kabaddi athletes, fisherman Etc which involves lot of hand and elbow muscle usage

Exercise daily with flexbar to improve the strength around elbow, wrist and shoulder joint