With the increasing rage of vegan choices in place of the traditional meal inclusive of all things edible, nuts and seeds are back in the trend for their high protein content. Be it an additional supplement in the breakfast meal, a spoonful that goes with your yogurt, a healthy topping on your favorite curry, etc., flax seeds have always been in the diet chart. Certainly, it must be something that goes way above and beyond what you dismiss as just another seed.

Benefits of Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are known to be antioxidative in nature that help in repairing your tissues while promoting the collagen production in your body. Needless to say that its assimilation helps in a healthy and glowy skin along with other benefits. Various nutrition researches also confirm it to be rich in omega-3 fatty acid which is an effective agent against hypertension and hence helps to reduce your high blood pressure. Its high protein content also helps in boosting muscle gain and building your body the right way.

How To Add Flax Seeds In Your Diet

As discussed above, assimilating flax seeds in our diet isn’t really a big deal especially with the subtle taste of flax seeds. Using it as a topping for your breakfast meal is just about the easiest way to get it in your diet. You can also use it to add a crunch in your smoothies, protein drinks or infuse it in your water bottles for a flavoring tinge. The more you get it in your diet, the healthier your system gets.