Bringing a baby into your life is a huge step in a relationship.The baby single-handedly fills your life with joy and happiness. Your life revolves around your baby and you would do anything to protect it. As it is an integral addition in your life, you must be fully prepared before the baby arrives!

As a couple, you need to embark on this journey holding each other's hands and being there for each other at all times. So here are five things you should remember during the pregnancy phase: 

1) Do what makes you feel happy: During pregnancy, it is very important for mothers to stay happy. Due to many hormonal changes in their bodies, there are chances of onset of mood swings. Hence,fathers need to be patient and try and keep the mothers happy. They can let them enjoy their cravings or accompany them for a small walk. Lightening up their mood will be healthy for both the mother and the baby.

2) Exercise together: Pregnancy makes you lazy and lethargic. You sleep more, you eat more but you do not wish to get into an exercise routine. If you exercise together as a couple, the workout routine will be more regular and you can make sure that the mother can avoid back pains in the future. It also helps in pumping up energy levels and give her a glowing skin.

3) Get a diet chart in place and follow it well: Pregnancy calls for a healthy diet chart. However, it's not fair for only mothers to refrain from her favourite dishes. How about fathers too join the bandwagon and follow the diet chart with the mothers? This would encourage them to stay true to their diet, eat right and have a healthy baby.

4) Be consistent with pre-natal supplements: Prenatal supplements consist of plenty of nutrients and vitamins which are essential for the mother and the baby. As their body is already going through stress, they seldom remember to take their medicines on time. Fathers can keep track of the intake of these supplements, monitor them and remind mothers to take their pills on time.

5) Let mothers enjoy their stress-free sleep: Mothers go through a lot of physical change in their body. Their irregular sleeping patterns, feeling constantly nauseous, and mental stress leads to a lot of health issues. Hence, a good amount of stress-free sleep is required by mothers to stay relaxed and happy at all times. Pregnancy is not just women embracing motherhood but men welcoming fatherhood. It's a step couples take towards a happier future. Bear the above-mentioned pointers in mind and get ready for the first nine months! 

We wish you a safe nine months’ journey and a lifetime worth of happiness.