Dogs are wonderful pets but some breeds have earned terrible reputations due to their aggressive and attacking behaviour. However, any dog can attack or bite if not trained during his early years still there are  some breeds which are known to be dangerous. So five breeds which are responsible for a huge number attacks and fatalities are: 

  1. Pit bulls: they are one of the most dangerous breeds of dog world and responsible for human deaths every year. 90% of the times they attack children and injure them. People who have interests in dogfighting keep pit bulls and participating in such kind of activities makes them more furious. Although they are people-oriented dogs with dependence on owners, provided they get the correct training and guidance.
  2. Rottweilers: they have strong built with heavy musculature and powerful jaws. These breeds don’t like strangers and other dogs and are not family dogs but only meant for guarding purposes. Due to good grasping power they not only attack but tear off the skin along with flesh from the victim’s body. They don’t like jokes and get aggressive if you tease them. They are dangerous and taming a Rottweiler should be avoided. 
  3. German shepherd: very intelligent and smart breed and therefore trained to catch criminals, search attacking weapons or other objectionable materials. They serve the purpose of police dogs and known to be fearless and confident. They are known to be protectors and best guardian dogs. They have known to attack and injure family members if not trained properly. They are aggressive by nature and don’t like children and small dogs. 
  4. Doberman pinscher: they are friendly and attacks strangers but only if the owner is in trouble. They don’t tend to bite repeatedly and their aggressive look works as warning signal whenever they are irritated or ready to bite. Initially, they were used as police dogs but not now. They are obedient towards the owner. 
  5. Bullmastiff: a giant breed of dog with an aggressive temperament. Not very friendly by nature and only training can make them sensible and obedient. They often attack children and have a powerful grip so don’t leave their victim soon. They have been responsible for few human deaths in the past. Adult can weigh up to 60 kg yet active and energetic breed.