Ouch! The very term back pain makes you wince in discomfort! Unfortunately, back pain is becoming increasingly common. Not only is it affecting ladies after a certain age, but is surprisingly being suffered by youth and working professionals of all ages.

We all want solutions to get rid of this really painful problem. After all, your back is the fundamental support system for the entire body!

However, rushing to the solutions, it is utmost crucial to go to the root of the matter and understand why and what we are doing wrong so as to inflict back pain upon us!

First – Wrong Posture for prolonged hours is the primary cause for Back Pain!

Wrong posture is the most common cause for both, lower back and upper back pain. It is very important to be deliberately conscious of your sitting posture, your reading posture and your standing posture.

You back muscles are particularly strained when they are forced to be in a wrong posture for long hours.

It is amusing because we are all taught the right postures in schools in our growing up years, and yet, as ’grown ups’, we forget the basics and land ourselves in such painful physical ailments!

Second – Inactivity and Lack of Exercise can cause your Back Pain to last forever!

On an average, we work for anything between 8 to 12 hours in our offices on a regular basis. As a result, we end up sitting all day long barring a few coffee breaks or lunch wherein we end up stuffing our body with more food and caffeine!

We come back late evening, too tired and sometimes lazy enough to go for exercise. And we are of course unable to wake up early in the morning for exercise due to working late till night or late heavy dinner. Thus forms a vicious cycle and we are stuck in it!

This lack of exercise on daily basis eventually leads to weakening of the back muscles simply because the back muscles are not being ‘used’. And its obvious, that weak back muscles cannot support the whole body. Only strong muscles can. As a result, one fine day, your back starts to scream in pain!

Third – Stressful anxious mind and absence of a peace within you can torment your upper back!

Stress is one of the major reasons that causes upper back pain in particular.

Increasingly today, people suffer from cervical attacks not only due to constant wrong posture of looking down while reading or working, but also because the mind is not at rest due to work or domestic life stresses of various nature which the body is unable to bear.

If you are mentally stressed with negative emotions, undoubtedly, it will impact your body sooner or later. And one of the first body parts to suffer is the upper back region comprising of your beck, shoulders, head and upper spine.

Fourth – Lack of rest and adequate hours of sleep can aggravate

Back pain multifold!

It is fundamental truth that if you body is not well rested resulting from a decent seven to eight hours sleep, you will be vulnerable to multiple health problems. Lack of sleep causes a drop in immunity level of the body and weakens it internally.

As a result, when you push your body through the rigours of your daily routine, you back is sure to be inflicted with suffering because it has to support your whole body even though it is not well rested and feeling fresh! On the contrary, your muscles are already tense!

Fifth – A protruding stomach with fat accumulated in the centre of your body is a cause of lower back pain!

Fat is bad in any case. And fat, when accumulated in the lower abdomen region causing a pot belly to develop, can be even more damaging!

This is because you are shifting the centre of gravity of the body towards the front thereby causing further pressure on your spine to keep your body straight! Thus, a big belly primarily caused due to our sedentary lifestyle can cause lower back pain.