After 50 years of age, people must learn to make some improvements in themselves, not only physical improvements but also improvements in the way they use their bodies. Efforts must be made with a view of staying competitive. Depression and defeatist mental state should not be allowed to gain entry into the mind, because by taking care of your health and fitness, it is possible to stay alert all your life.

If the body is to be maintained fit, care must be taken to keep the muscles, joints healthy. Moreover, care must be taken to see that all the movements are natural and easy and that the backbone is not hunched. On an average, women must pay attention to the strengthening of the body, and men on its flexibility. The muscles and the bones of the body should work in cohesion so that the body feels firm from within and energetic on the outside.

Diet and Fitness tips:

  • Never skip your breakfast
  • Consume minimum 2 portions of fruits and 2 portions of veggies daily
  • Daily ensure your protein intake
  • Drink 2-3 litre of water/day
  • Add dry fruits, flax seeds, soya to your diet
  • Take multivitamins and Vit D at regular intervals (under the guidance of your Doctor/Nutritionist)
  • Exercise daily (At least 5 days in a week)
  • Adequate rest is necessary (7 hrs sleep)