In today’s roller-coaster lifestyle it is very important for females to keep up with their fitness. Many of you are working housewives which means you leave your home in the morning after preparing a breakfast &/or lunch and come back home to cook dinner for your beloved family. In the bargain you may compromise on your meals and definitely your fitness.

First pregnancy age is exceedingly increasing with the new generation. So it becomes all the more important to keep yourself healthy and energetic as your child might be in their twenties when you would be in your sixties and well into the menopause.

On this thought let me introduce you few concepts to consider for a healthy lifestyle:

  • ‘Eat for two people in pregnancy..!’ But remember the other person is a tiny being and not a full grown adult. This would keep away unnecessary weight gain and struggle to reduce post-pregnancy weight.
  • Remember recent research shows that a low carb diet is beneficial in many ways. This should be helped with 50-60 gm of proteins for an active woman. Add loads of nuts, dairy products and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to your diet.
  • Keep a check on your Vitamin D3, B12 and Iron profile regularly. You need to supplement your body with the vitamins and minerals it lacks, to achieve maximum benefit out of exercises.
  • Exercise at least 5 times a week. A good mix of flexibility, strength and endurance training would make sure that you remain in a great shape and avoid adaptation.
  • Doing office stretches and following good ergonomics would help you beat occupational neck and back related issues.
  • Make foam roller your friend. It is a great piece of equipment used for active self muscle release of back and lower body and takes just few minutes of your busy day. Ask your physio about this today!
  • Wearing right footwear is indispensable. Bio-mechanically speaking a stable foot is the key to lower body and spinal functioning. Talk to your physios to choose from the variety of brands available.
  • Sleep is world’s best and cheapest medicine. 6-7 hrs of recovery is essential for a healthy mind and fit body. You may want to read or listen to soft music to get a sound sleep.

These are few of the tips we would like to recommend to the beautiful community of females to make them stronger and healthier. We believe that a fit female can inspire a fit family.

So on this women’s day have a consultation with your dietitian and physiotherapist to enjoy life uninterrupted!