So you are not growing well in the Corporate Ladder, there is a Relationship Issue, a Major Change in life, Daily Traffic, Deadlines, Insecurity, Major Illness, Stress of being a Caregiver, a Multi-Tasker.  ... And you don't know how to cope up with these stress factors.   Our mind has astonishing ability to generate stress!   Stress is becoming a big universal challenge.  

Everyone has a different level of tolerance towards stress, some are under stress just because of minor irritation, some only get stressed when a major problem comes up and some don't notice stress at all. No matter what problems you have in your life, what you have endured, how vulnerable you feel, how torn apart you feel; and how hard your life experiences have been-There is a way to restore Woman's functioning in all aspects of her life.   

Every day I  am meeting numerous Women and Girls patients who are coming with similar symptoms-Facial hair, Thin Hair, Irregular periods, Delayed Periods, Missed Periods, Acne, Weight Gain,  Dry Skin.....And there is the commonality in all; it is an underlying Stress Factor,  which is long-standing and unresolved. Incidentally, we humans can handle short-term stresses, but the long-standing stress is not easy to manage. This long-standing  Stress is manifesting itself in the form of  Hormonal Disturbance, Low immunity, Sleep Disorders, Weight Gain.....  It is one of the Major issues of our Modern Times to be tackled. The women and girl patients are not able to sit still, they feel out of control, some cry inconsolably; have poor concentration and most have a very low self-esteem.  

A woman's poor reproductive health can suck the fun out of her life. My mission is to help such women by educating them about taking charge of their own health and not fall for Quick Fix solutions.  Woman are on this planet for a mission and she deserves a joyful& healthy life and a fit body.

My key recommendations to all women are as follows:-  

  1. Get desensitized (not get worked up because of small events)
  2. Join an exercise program -At least 5 hours a week 
  3. Seek Medical advice. After all, it is your reproductive health at stake.  
  4. Drink 4 liters of water/Day
  5. Reduce Carbohydrate in Diet 
  6. Sleep at least 7-8 hours
  7. Reduce Social Networking time
  8. Do not sleep late 

Hope after reading this there will be a ray illuminated in the you-A ray of hope, a ray of achieving your health potential, live calmly and confidently.  Don't give up Women!  Don't allow stress to snatch your reproductive system from you.  

Be the star of your health story.