Ayurveda is  an Indian medical science which advocates cure and prevention of any disease through good health. Practice healthy, natural living. Ayurveda promotes health by strengthening the 3 pillars of life:

1. Aahar/Food(Healthy, properly cooked fresh food)

2. Vihara/Lifestyle (include exercise, reduce stress from professional and social life) 

3. Nidra/Soundsleep (7-8 hours of sleep helps build and maintain immunity)

Follow these tips to stay healthy during the lockdown:

  • Don’t eat unless you feel very hungry, staying at home or working from home leads to overeating and digestion issues. 
  • Enjoy flavored hydration: Sip on Kokam juice with rock salt, fresh Buttermilk with mint, Lemonade with ginger to beat the heat. 
  • Drink boiled water when it's warm, in small sips, preferably after heavy meals. It helps in better digestion and reduces soreness in the throat. Try different types of Tea!
  • Your immunity largely depends on your mental health, it’s the fear of getting affected by COVID-19 which is worse than the actual problem. 
  • Train your mind to focus on the positive things in life, enjoy the lockdown with your loved ones, and use it more productively.
  • Nature has put us on a RESET mode, unwind, and rest. Make the most of this time and improve your physical and mental health.

Ayurveda strongly emphasizes Total Well-being, that is, a perfect balance of physical and mental health. Having strong pillars as the foundation of our health, we can fight COVID-19 and any other disease that may come in the future.