Ayurveda is one of the oldest medicinal schools in the world. One of the leading Ayurvedic treatment procedures is Panchakarma. 

It involves 5 stages of treatment – emesis, purgation, decoction enema, insertion of medicine through nostrils, and oil enema. But did you know the lesser known fact? 

Panchakarma can be highly beneficial for the treatment of female infertility as well

1) It helps in increasing both physical and mental fitness: Panchakarma is a part of Ayurveda – which means it has to include holistic fitness therapies like yoga. Now, yoga has a number of proven health benefits, one of which is stress removal and mental rejuvenation. Stress, being, one of the greatest killers of the 21st century and a major cause of female infertility, Panchakarma ensures your condition does not relapse. In addition, with the diet charts that generally accompany a treatment cycle, acid reflux and toxins in your diets are also done away with.

2) Reduced danger of side-effects: Side-effects have been a major con of medicine throughout the ages. Panchakarma works with holistic and non-chemical treatments like yoga, massages and oil treatment, and not with pills, drugs and surgery that can potentially turn invasive. As a result, harmful foreign substances do not enter and fester in your body. In the long run, this reduces the risk of a lot of chronic and acute diseases.

3) Slows down fast ageing due to lifestyle-related causes of infertility: Factors such as stress, emotional trauma, and addictions are root causes of female infertility. They also are direct triggers for accelerated aging, leading to further physical, mental and fiscal problems. Panchakarma helps to check these tendencies of your body by including diets and workouts that rid your bodies of toxins (AMAs) and rekindles your metabolic fire (AGNI). Female infertility is a disappointing condition, and easy to treat with medications that further harm your body. A one-stop solution is the Ayurvedic process of Panchakarma, which provides umpteen benefits without the side effects.