When fat get accumulated in the Liver it is called as fatty liver; Liver as we know has got many functions and is one of the vital organ of our body, this fat accumulation to some extent is normal but excess amount can damage it and hamper its function

Fatty liver in initial stage is called as simple fatty liver, during this stage it does not produce much symptoms and is reversible but when this fat causes inflammation in the liver it progress to second stage disease called as steatohepatitis and patient may have symptoms like loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue and abdomen pain and if it progress further it can cause chronic liver disease and have symptoms such as jaundice, ascites, bleeding from gastro-intestinal tract 

Obesity, Alcohol intake, Hyperlipidemia and diabetes are the major causes of fatty liver; If these patients are investigated then Liver function tests may be deranged during later stage of the disease, Ultrasound & CT Scan can detect fat in the liver and may quantify but only Liver biopsy determine the severity of diseaseThe recommended treatment for fatty liver is avoiding risk factors such as alcohol intake, control diabetes, weight reduction and dyslipidemia correction; No medicine has been proved that can treat it

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