Fat is the main ingredient in our diet. It's our mindset that we cannot cook food without using enough of oil. Usually people have a mindset that food cooked without oil is boiled food.

First of all, We need to understand hat oil itself has no taste and one can cook food without using oil or using less oil.

Oils, ghee, creams,etc are not only used for cooking It's been used in many ways:

  • People use ghee as dressing on chapati and prantha. If we add 1-2 tsp of ghee or a tikki of butter on chapati it will not change the taste but also it will double the amount of calories.
  • Bread is also once common food which people prefer to take in their meal. Adding cheese or butter on bread increases the calories instead one should add veggies to it. For greezing one can use green chutney or curd as a spread which is way more healthier option than butter/cheese.
  • During any function or party soups are served as pre-meal. Soup itself is a healthy option and has low calories but adding creams/cornflour/ajinomoto increases its calories and make it useless. So, have soup without cornflour/cream to maintain it's nutritional value.
  • People who belong to northern state usually  eats oily food. They think that food which contain more off ghee or oil is best for health. They add butter to each meal which double the amount of calorie present in the food.
  • Some people add ghee in cooked dal as they think it tastes better. It will also increase the calorie. One can cook boil dal without tadka and add 1/2 tsp of ghee to make the taste better and it will also compensate the calories.
  • Lassi(buttermilk) is a low calorie drink which is preferred during summers BUT we add cream to it which disturbs the nutritional value and make it fattening.
  • Some people eat idli with butter which will increase the calories.

Ultimately we conclude that people need to watch what they are doing with their health. By adding creams/ ghee in their diet they are inviting weight gain problems and other associated diseases.

Enjoy journey to health..!!