Everybody is in a hurry these days. We know it by the incessant honking while driving. We see it by the number of traffic signals people break. We sense it when people keep looking at their watches in the middle of a conversation. We read it in the abbreviated smses we receive. 

Everyone thinks they are starring in the Fast and The Furious. 

It doesn't matter what it is that has to be done next. It may not even be significant. The important thing is to finish what we are doing right now and get on with the next thing on the schedule even if it is just driving to the next pan shop and lighting up a cigarette. 

This perpetual hurrying extends to everything - it even extends to medical and dental treatment. For years these same people may have lived with a broken tooth but when they finally start treatment they want it done in a day. 

In the past - this blog post may have focused on patience however with dentistry evolving at the speed that it is we'd much rather focus on the fact that hurrying is now possible. Hurrying WITHOUT compromising on quality. 

Technologies that enable chair side scanning and milling ( example CEREC) are here to save the day and how. Technologies which allow a tooth to be fabricated in a day. Right in front of a patient. No more impression taking and waiting for 4-5 days for the laboratory to send back a crown. Now this can be done chair side. Beautiful, aesthetic and life like restorations fabricated right beside you. 

People who come into town just for dental treatment will no longer need to keep travelling back and forth or stay at hotels till treatment is completed. They merely take an appointment, come in, get treatment done, and travel back the same day. (Of course this means that consultation either physically or online has been done previously and the plan is in place). 

What is more - cosmetic/aesthetic cases where the patients don't want to stay 4-5 with temporary teeth in their mouth CEREC will be a godsend. Wait a few hours in the clinic and you walk out with a glowing smile with permanent restorations. 

More and more innovations are directed today at time saving preserving quality at the same time. Single sitting root canals, single sitting crowns, dental implants and a whole host of other treatments done in one sitting. One day. 

Of course not all kinds of patients fall into the category of One Day Dentistry but most patients do. All you need to do is identify a dentist who possesses the technology you need. 

We understand the world is running. Dentistry is catching up. FAST and FURIOUSLY!