1. Will my implants feel and look like natural teeth?

    Yes, the all on 4 dental implant teeth look and feel like your natural teeth. Most people won’t be able to recognize the difference at all, or will comment that you look younger.

  2. How long does the surgery last?

    The surgery lasts for a couple of hours per arch and in most cases the individual gets fitted a new set of teeth and gets to walk home the same day. Yes, it just takes just ONE DAY to get back your brilliant smile with all on four dental implants!

  3. Can I get all on four implants on the bottom arch?

    Yes, you can. If you need all on four implants on both arches, your surgeon may advise you to get them done at the same time, as this may reduce the cost, surgery and recovery time effectively.

  4. Who is the right candidate for all on 4 dental implants?

    The ideal candidate is someone who is currently wearing dentures, or who will need dentures in the near future. Rarely are we not able to offer this as a choice. This help patients avoid denture problems. The overall health of the individual is also evaluated before advising this treatment, to reduce the chances of post-surgical complications.

  5. What if I don’t have enough bone?

    We routinely treat patients with dental implants that were told years ago “You don’t have enough bone”. We are experts at providing immediate teeth to solve patient’s problems with failing/bad teeth or that wear dentures.