Facts about wisdom tooth:

  • Wisdom tooth actually has no relation to a person's wisdom.
  • Wisdom tooth usually comes in the oral cavity after 18 yrs of age. They are the last teeth to erupt into the oral cavity.
  • All the four sides of wisdom teeth complete entire dentition of 32.
  • Wisdom teeth are always in variable positions. They can be vertical, horizontal or oblique also.
  • As they are last teeth to erupt in the oral cavity (even after stoppage of jaw growth), they may produce pain while erupting. Overlying gum may also become swollen under which food debris may be stuck which can cause severe pain and swelling also.
  • Manier times wisdom tooth may not be able to erupt completely in the oral cavity. Reasons can be: it may not be in a proper direction to erupt or maybe it is of bigger size comparatively in the jaw or maybe jaw size is smaller.
  • If the pain of wisdom tooth is unbearable, it requires proper medicines to cure and if medicines also don't work, it needs to be treated, either RCT (if at all possible) or removal (non-surgical or surgical)
 Different positions of wisdom tooth