1. Pilonidal sinus presents as a nodular swelling in a lower spinal region with occasional discharge which might stain undergarments. Mild pain can also be there. And sometimes hairs can also be seen protruding out of this nodular swelling.
  2. Pilonidal sinus is usually seen in adults of college or school going children with hairy skin.
  3. Pilonidal consists of two words Pilus means hair + Nidus means nest i.e. hair nested in a
    cavity. It tells about the role of hairs in pilonidal Sinus. The problem is more common in people with hairy skin.
  4. Though exact pathology of pilonidal Sinus is not certain. It is believed that sharp ends of hairs prick in the skin and infection can invade from these holes and result in pilonidal Sinus.
  5. Medicinal treatment is not successful in the pilonidal sinus. Oral medication Allopathic/ Homeopathic/ Ayurvedic whatever it may be; can give only temporary relief but do not eradicate the problem.
  6. As per surgeons surgical procedures like Z-plasty etc. are the only treatment for pilonidal sinus. But in as high as 15% cases pilonidal sinus recur even after surgery.
  7. Postoperative pain, hospitalization/ bed rest and chances of recurrence are the factors which suggest that surgery is not the appropriate choice for pilonidal sinus treatment.
  8. Ksharsutra treatment for pilonidal sinus as recommended in Ayurveda; is the complete treatment for pilonidal sinus. No hospitalization or bed rest is required in Ksharsutra treatment for pilonidal sinus.
  9. Predictably there is 0% recurrence after Ksharsutra treatment for pilonidal sinus.
  10. Pilonidal sinus cannot be cured by any home remedy so instead of searching for a home remedy for pilonidal sinus; complete treatment i.e. Ksharsutra treatment for pilonidal sinus should be planned as soon as possible.