1. Constipation is the leading cause for piles. To avoid constipation you should take plenty of fluid (water/ butter milk); adequate amount of fibers(Salad/ green leafy vegetables)  and exercise regularly.
  2. Straining while defecation is another cause for piles so put too much strain while defecation. Go for defecation only when you are having proper urge for defecation. Do not sit too long for defection.
  3. Piles can be treated without surgery. Ayurvedic treatment for piles ensures complete cure for piles.
  4. Painless bleeding is characteristic sign of internal piles. This stage is termed as first degree internal piles. 
  5. If piles is not treated at first stage; piles masses start protruding out from anal opening. In starting these get reduced by themselves; if untreated, manual reduction becomes necessary – second stage of piles.
  6. Pile masses should be kept inside rectum. If these remain outside; these might get infected and result in complicated conditions like anal fistula and others.
  7. If piles remain untreated at second stage; pile masses remain permanently outside – third stage of piles.
  8. In first stage of piles; kshar karma is performed which results in arrest of bleeding and regression of pile mass size.
  9. In second & third stage; pile mass is ligated by ksharsutra which is an OPD procedure.  After Ksharsutra ligation; pile mass sheds off by itself in a week or ten days.
  10. No hospitalization or bed rest is required and patient can go home after an hour rest.

For more details about Piles Treatment in Ayurveda; please check: http://ayurcure.com/piles-treatment.aspx