Every Fistula Patients must know these facts before starting Fistula Treatment:

  1. Fistula can not be cured by oral intake of medicines homeopathic/ ayurvedic or allopathic.
  2. There are periods when patient feel that he is fine. When pus gets discharged there will be no pain or swelling but after some time; there will be pus formation followed by swelling and pain.  
  3. Anti biotics can give only short term benefit. 
  4. Most recent Surgery treatment for Fistula VAAFT has recurrence rate of about 15 % in Anal Fistula.
  5. Ksharsutra treatment is the best treatment for Anal Fistula.
  6. Indian Council for Medical Research has conducted clinical trials to compare effectiveness of Ksharsutra treatment and surgery in Anal fistula patients in AIIMS New Delhi; PGI Chandigarh and other premier institutes in 1990.
  7. Ksharsutra Treatment was found more effective and convenient as compared to surgery in Anal Fistula.
  8. Predictably there is 0% recurrence after Ksharsutra Treatment for fistula.
  9. Anal area is very sensitive and delicate area so you be extra careful while opting for treatment for Fistula. Take Fistula Treatment from well qualified Ksharsutra expert and never hand over your health to quacks/ bengali doctor/ Madrasi doctor. 
  10. As Fistula has an infective Pathology; there is no role of home remedies so a fistula patient should not waste time searching home remedies for Fistula and should plan for Ksharsutra Treatment for complete cure of Anal Fistula. 
  11. Consumption of fish causes Fistula is a myth.