ASK THE DENTIST: Visit your dentist if you experience headaches in the morning

Headaches can be caused by many different problems and factors, and often they have no link to your oral health. However, if you are experiencing regular headaches, it is possible you have problems with your dental occlusion, which is a term that refers to the way your teeth meet when your jaws bit together.

There are many people with poor dental occlusion, but some people adjust their habits to prevent any issues. However, for some people, or for those experiencing serious stress, these problems can be extremely obvious.

One clear sign is that you are waking each morning with a headache, which can be the result of possible jaw problems.

This is exacerbated in cases where patients are clenching or grinding teeth in their sleep, which can also lead to jaw tenderness.

Worn, loose and sensitive teeth can also be caused by poor dental occlusion.

When it comes to teeth, one of the most common symptoms includes heavily worn teeth, which can be easily fractured or broken during the night or even during the day if you’re not careful to avoid grinding.

Gums can be affected by poor dental occlusion due to the damage cause by incorrect bite. Often, more severe bites can lead to loose teeth or receding gum lines, eventually causing teeth to fall out or break.

If you think you may be suffering from dental occlusion problems, it could be time to visit your dentist.

  • There are many ways your issues could be addressed, but a change in diet can be particularly useful to those who are struggling with joint pain and headaches; soft diet is a good way to relieve pain and reduce the tension in your jaw.
  • Jaw exercise can also beneficial, helping you to reduce the amount of pain you experience in the future.
  • In more serious cases, your dentist may suggest replacement of teeth or tooth adjustment, which can reduce the strain on teeth that are poorly directed or rubbing against each other.

By adjusting or removing troublesome teeth, your dentist can help your muscles relax, reducing pain in your gums and helping you avoid the onset of headaches and jaw pain.