Exercise is useful as a treatment in many illnesses.Exercise done with great determination

will always give good outcome.In order for joints to stay flexible and capable,regular movement

is necessary.Exercise instantly infuses energy into body.Patient suffering from low back ache,

knee pain,frozen shoulder,sciatica have greatest benefit if they do exercises along with their

regular medication.But,the exercises have to be done in proper technical way.Exercise should be 

avoided on full or empty stomach.

Aerobics can be defined in simple words as an exercise technique that can be performed in one 

rhythm,over a long period of time and using less force,which enhances blood supply.

Regular aerobic exercise not only maintains bodily health,but also drives away mental stress.

During exercise, a hormone known as 'endorphin'that calms the mind secreted.

For a long lifespan,it is necessary to practice daily for at least 30 minutes,exercises that stress 

the body,like aerobics,weight-lifting,and brisk walking.