A woman is the backbone of her family and so it is of utmost importance to keep herself healthy. Because her family is dependant on her, she has to look after herself first,both physically as well mentally.

 For this she needs to feel independent in her mind and body. Love and care for family should not prevent one from loving oneself. It is rightly said- Love thyself to Love others!

A woman needs to be selfish in that sense to take care of her daily needs like her sleep, diet, walking, exercise and recreation, apart from keeping herself emotionally strong, stable and happy. A woman's experience of health and disease differs from a man due to the unique biological, social and behavioral conditions. But unfortunately even today in many villages and rural areas, her health is most neglected due to illiteracy, social and family pressures. She thinks she is low and useless and hence does not care for herself. We see so much of ignorance and carelessness with respect to her health and hygiene.

- Need for a clean toilet system and use of sanitary napkins are one of priority for women in villages.

- Also important health issues such as anemia, osteoporosis, depression among many others to be checked for at regular intervals and treated. For this, there is a need for a good health care facility and aid in rural set-up.

One important observation that I would like to highlight is that I have seen many Indian women skipping on their breakfast for lack of time in mornings or in need to do their pooja. But as there is long gap of eating from night-time, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and so one should be taking it on time to get energized for the day!  Also eating on time actually prevents obesity and so many other health problems.

Another thing is that women generally tend to stretch themselves to keep the house clean and do all the household chores by the day, hence tend to sleep late while get up early morning again the next day. When sleep is insufficient, the body gets tired and one tends to be irritable during the day. We just need to learn to manage our time and work in order to do so.

Here are few tips that I would like to give women to stay healthy:

1. Eat a balanced diet consisting of good protein, iron, carbohydrate so that you get the right nutrition. This must include a good traditional breakfast on time, fruits or salads as mid-morning snack, balanced diet on lunch with chapatis, rice, dal and vegetables and a light dinner at night. Again here I would advise to avoid on taking too many biscuits and breads in evening and go for home-made snacks like chivda or churmuri with evening tea.

2. Go for regular walks, gymming or exercise as your bones produce calcium when you exercise and workout to the maximum.

3. Have a recreation time set- either to play with your kids, laugh and take up some common activity with your spouse to have a healthy communication and emotional bonding. Also, choose friends to spend good time with them regularly, have healthy interactions and express yourself.

4. Do yoga or meditation for few minutes everyday to have a mental relaxation and de-stress yourself.

5. Sleep on time to get your body do the reparative and rejuvenation process which is essential for a long-term good health for all.

Being a strong believer in Homeopathy, I shall recommend Homeopathy as the safest mode of treatment, especially for women and girls who undergo lot of physical and emotional changes in different stages of their lives. Because Homeopathy touches upon the mind and emotions of a patient apart from the physical symptoms, it will help to treat a woman completely and bring a balance with her body and mind. It works wonderfully for women's health issues right from her puberty until menopause- to name few like acne, pcod, menstrual issues, infertility, fibroid, etc. 

When we talk about equality and rights for women, let us also first educate our women that she is an individual, an unique creation by God who deserves to be respected well in society and it is her prime duty to care for her body and nourish her soul by keeping herself happy! She can do this by standing for herself whenever required, express her needs and desires to the world and her family so that she is understood and given the opportunity.

She must learn to chase her dreams and create a balance between her work and family life, while seeking help from her family to avoid unnecessary pressure and stress upon herself. 

With this, I conclude with a quote- To Love is Being Human, To Express is Being Woman!!