Coughing is a natural reflex our respiratory system has and should be primarily considered as on of the defense mechanism of our body to save us from the toxic or damaging effects of respirable particles or chemicals coming in the way of respiratory tract just like sneezing reflex when something is irritating our nasal passage which is in fact a part of our coughing mechanism. Sneezing reflex is more forceful and powerful.

During runny nose, it is advisable not to pull or squeeze the nose frequently as it may cause bleeding from the nose due to self inflicted damage. Simple wiping with clean cloth or tissue papers is more than enough and nasal wash in basin with warm water to be done as and when required.

However, coughing happens quite frequently and one wants to get rid of it as early as possible. To get rid of the disturbing cough, one should find the cause of it. If the cough is persistent and long duration with weakness, mild fever, low appetite, lethargy etc then possibility of Tuberculosis should be ruled out with consultation to a General Physician.

If the cough is short duration and associated with fever, throat pain etc, the possibility of tonsils, pharynx or larynx related infections or inflammations should be checked. If the quality of cough is quite deep and exhaustive, then lower respiratory infections could be there like alveolitis, bronchitis, asthmatic cough, allergic cough, dust exposure, chemical exposure, cotton wool or fibers in any industry etc.

Whooping cough is quite noisy and makes one breathless due to continuous cough episode and require urgent medical attention. Diphtheria, Pertussis etc can cause similar cough, though we are protected against it via D.P.T. vaccine, nowadays.

Seasonal cough is something which is experienced by few due to climatic changes and change in the quality of air. One should use mask like N 95 etc which can filter the respirable dust and avoids its inhalation.

Cough is common in Asthma, Allergies, Heart diseases and can be a presenting symptom of cancer in the lungs.

Cough can be purely Dry or Wet or Mixed and appropriate medications may change accordingly. Nebulization  is a method of taking liquid medicine in its mist form(vapor like form) which reaches to deeper structures of airway and very helpful and popular especially in children.

Steam inhalation is also helpful. Steam has 480 cal per gm heat which itself is sufficient enough to kill surface microbes and its condensation liquefies thick sticky secretions for getting it out easily.

Hot milk with pinch of haldi (if add sugar, it is more palatable) is good remedy and can be used 2 -3 times a day. Ginger tea is also helpful. Many condiments are good for our respiratory system (Lungs) like laung (cloves).

Smoking is known to cause chronic cough. It is categorized as Smoker's Lungs in the medial text.

It is always better to seek medical advice in time if cough is your concern and disturbs your routine.