Tis the season!

Back to back partying, crazy dancing, an infinite bottom’s up! Night turns to day! But what’s next? Waking up to a pounding headache, bloodshot eyes and a twirling stomach? Nothing looks more tempting than the left-over greasy party foods but that wouldn’t do any favour on your waistline. We’ve put together some healthy brews and sumptuous foods which would relieve your post party symptoms.

Have a look at this quick list of foods and beverages that will be your best friends post New Year party scenes:


Alcohol being a diuretic pushes the liquids of the body, a glass of water should be the first thing you grab once you’re up. Infusing it with a few lemon drops and grated ginger would help your body in a great way. Ginger has been a well-known cure for nausea for ages and lemon-infused water supports detoxification by boosting liver function and tissue regeneration. 


An oats and banana smoothie bowl can do wonders as it traps many superfoods together like Oats, which is nutrient packed and raises blood sugar level; Banana giving you potassium which your body lost last night. Drizzling this with crushed nuts and frozen fruits would not only make it look appetising but also give you a variety of nutrients in a shot.


Coconut water is worth the hype. This liquid is super-high in electrolytes and is highly effective in hydrating. It is a flavoured liquid which can replace the monotonous glass of water.


Eggs, the favorite hangover food! Eggs are rich in the amino acid, cysteine that helps break down acetaldehyde, the toxin responsible for those awful hangovers. Scrambled, boiled, on- toast, omelette; can be eaten the way you desire but make sure to not go beyond 2 eggs and use minimum fat in the making.


Idli sambhar is a complete meal, comprising rice, dal and veggies which is not only healthy but also delectable. The fermented food contains essential probiotics and can replenish you with the needed vitamins.

Other simple tips to follow for post-party detoxification are:

  • Exercise is the best way to press the reset button after a night of splurging. Spare at least 30 mins for a run or a brisk walk to get your heart racing and blood circulation in good motion.
  • Drinking water is an excellent way to flush the body of toxins. Drink plenty of water, preferably warm water, all through the day for better metabolism and great results.
  • Avoid Sugar! Post festivities, your body is dealing with excess sugar, so try to give it as many plain fluids you can.
  • Say no to oily food. Cut back the amount of oil in your meals. Instead of frying, try baked or grilled dishes. Go for a fiber-rich and protein-laden diet.
  • Rest well and sleep enough. After those long and continuous nights of partying, your body needs to rest well. Make sure to sleep for 7-8 hours a day to back on track & get back to routine.

    Let's ring in the New Year with loads of health and happiness! Party safe, party healthy! Cheers!