We all know diet needs lot of dedication and some extend of sacrificing. But what if we have a sweet tooth, all dreams of looking great seems to get ruined by eating a single piece of sweet.   

Desserts are loaded with sugar, so consuming too much of them will promote weight gain.Read more about how to gain weight?

If you’re trying to stay fit, it's hard striking a balance, but it's not impossible.

Besides providing you with tips to stay fit, we have a list of which Indian sweets are healthy, unhealthy and downright health disasters. With our health guide to Indian sweets, you can satisfy your sugar cravings and avoid the harmful belly fat:

Healthy Indian Sweets-:

If we look around,every sweet seems to look coated with sugar and ghee.Having said that in our indian market, we can still find some healthy delicacies which we can enjoy without feeling guilty. These could be as follows-:


1. Way of preparing it-

  • It is the most popular Bengali dish created with paneer (Chhena), milk and sugar

  • Prepared by tossing chhena with little sugar over heat and then turned into balls

  • Sometimes the preparation could be done by jaggery to experiment with the varieties


  • 1 sandesh contain 147 calories

Carrot Kheer

1. Way of preparing it-

Both the ingredients in carrot kheer are healthy. Carrots are rich in Vitamin A and Milk - a kind of complete food.

  • It is made by simply boiling the milk for few minutes

  • Followed by adding grated carrots and sugar as per taste

  • Garnishing is done with some powerful nut - almonds. You can freely add other nuts as well


  • 1 cup carrot kheer calories varies from 200-220 calories


1. Way of preparing it

  • Hung curd is the main ingredient of this dish

  • Add saffron with little milk, less powdered sugar and cardamom in hung curd

  • Mix all the ingredients in the blender and serve chill

  • You can garnish the dish with pistachios and almonds


1 serving of Shrikhand contains 130 calories

The unhealthy Indian sweets:

Unfortunately, this list is longer. It covers all types of Laddoos, Sohan Papdi, Barfi. What makes these worse than the previous list is their higher fat and sugar content. Along with being intensely sweet, many of these are deep fried, so they have high fat content. Note: There are many types of laddoos and barfis. Some unhealthier than others. Since not all can be covered here, they’ve been generalized to this category.

This list is the one that you should certainly watch out for. Once you know what’s on this list, you’re not going to be happy since they’re all lip smacking. All these delicacies are just absolutely loaded with oil/ghee and soaked in sugar - Halwa, Mysore Pak, Gulab Jamun and the mighty Jalebi. On this list, there’s really no way to get away with a healthy option. Its close to impossible to make these healthy.

If you really must indulge, go ahead and do so. But watch your portions, the calories can really add up!Get to know more about how to burn extra calories.

We are not asking you to completely ditch the sweets and desserts, just be a little smarter with your choice. Maintain fine balance between health and taste to stay in shape.