Along with being among the healthiest sources of nutrition, vegetables are great for weight loss. Let's show you how:

Colourful Fruits and vegetables

Calorie Density:Vegetables have low calorie density (partly due to their high water content), so you can consume more of them without worrying about the calories.

Nutrition: The balanced vitamins and minerals promote better utilization of energy resources in your body. For example, certain minerals promote energy consumption, as do some vitamins. Now, fat is basically stored energy in your body. The more of this energy source that you can use, the better it is for your weight loss.

High Fiber: Most vegetables are high in fiber. So, they fill you up faster. As a result, you land up eating less of them than you would, if they didn't have fiber.

Low Glycemic Index: The carbohydrates in most vegetables are fibrous in nature and have a low glycemic index, so consuming them lowers the overall glycemic index of your meal/snack. As a result, this promotes less fat storage in you body.

So, add lots of vegetables to your diet, and enjoy their health benefits!