Human body is a complex machine. The diet that you choose has an effect on not only your General health but on the health of your teeth & gums as well. Here are a few tips to Smile Bright.

  • Sugary food and foods rich in starch like fries, chips, candies result in tooth decay as the bacteria present in the mouth come in contact with the sugar , producing acids which results in decay of teeth. Hence, limit the amount of these in your diet for a healthy smile. 
  • Drink lot of water as water not only keeps your body hydrated but also helps to flush out the food particles in the mouth. Also the Fluoride present in water reduces decay. 
  • Include a lot of wholegrain in your diet like wheat, millet, brown rice in your diet for healthy gums & teeth.
  • Reduce intake of acidic drinks like soft drinks, citrus juices, sports drinks as they cause dental erosion by softening and subsequent wearing away of the tooth surface.

Thus Eat Right, Smile Bright! Watch this space for more dental health info!