Does the image of running indoors and pile of weights in the gym put you off ? If the monotony of gym workouts is coming in your way of kick-starting a fitness routine we have a few ideas that are fun and as effective as any gym workout routine. Plus there are added benefits of working out outdoors.

Swimming: Summers are creeping in with hot and humid afternoons. A swim in the evening will cool you down and will burn sufficient calories for a workout depending upon the duration and your weight. Thirty minutes of swimming is sufficient to burn a few calories and feel energized. Swimming improves your heart health and doesn't strain the connective tissues. It improves the circulation and energy, strength, flexibility and endurance balance.

Water Polo: Nothing can be better than enjoying your workouts for best results. What about playing some ball in the pool with your friends for enjoyment as well as burning calories. This will also give you the motivation to stretch your game from half an hour to an hour. Team sports are more involving and engaging  than a solo gym workout routine.

Fitness Holiday: Giving the body and mind a break with fitness holidays can reboot your energy level and adventure can Distress and rejuvenate you. Fitness while holidaying is a great idea with a balance of exercise and nutrition to make the body recover and transform your body from unfit to a fit mode.

Walk your dog: Take the responsibility of walking your door. Once out try running instead of walking your dog.  A companion while running can be of help and of course dogs are very agile which will keep you on your toes. One study even found that older people are more likely to take regular walks if the walking companion is canine rather than human.

Join a Boot Camp: Register your self for a boot camp. Some serious exercise with experts for 2-3 times a week apart from your workout schedule can give you an advantage for a higher level of fitness and stamina. Workouts in group also gives the motivation to work harder than the people around you. A boot camp will also give you a check of your fitness levels with other people in your group. Aren't you the toughest of all?

Sports Complex: Sport complex's offer variety of activities from aerobics, swimming, sports and space to do your workouts in clean and green environments. Join a group playing some sport or take a run in the field. You can add variety to your workouts with many options available there.

Play Cricket: You can find group of people playing cricket in a park, street or fields. Join them and stop a few boundaries and score a few runs. It will distress you and add the fitness element to your schedule. Cricket is not very intense and adds the choice of resting, running, jumping and gives a complete body workout along with the joy the game gives.

We have given you a lot of fun reasons to get started. Pick your favorite activity and call your friends!