Easy Remedies for soothing joint pains. Treating knee pain will need medical attention and rehabilitation, but there are certain precautions and easy remedies to sooth those joint pains. 

Given below are 6 easy remedies for soothing joint pains:

1. Reduce that inflammation

Aching joints usually means that there is inflammation around the joint. Using anti-inflammatories can help alleviate pain. Turmeric and ginger tea are great for reducing inflammation. Another alternative is to consume dandelion leaves, either in the form of a tea or as a salad. Also reduce or avoid consumption of inflammatory food products like potato / beetroot / almonds / cabbage / meat and poultry – to control uric acid levels in the body. Drink lots of water.

2. Maintain correct posture

No matter what you are doing, ensure that you are maintaining the proper posture and form. Whether you are sifting through your email or having dinner, sit up with your back straight and your shoulders back, with your buttocks touching the back of your chair. Though plush, sinking couches are comfortable, they are bad for your back. Though it may be a little uncomfortable, maintaining the proper posture allows you to use all the muscles in your body and allows your joints to operate the way they were meant to. This can help you recover faster and keeps you from putting excess pressure on your joints.

3. Hot presses and cold compresses

 Whether it is hot or cold outside, you can use either a hot press or a cold compress on yourself. A heating pad or a hot water bottle or bag can help you to keep your joints from stiffening up. Cold weather can make it difficult for people who have back pain, joint pain and arthritis, so a little heat treatment can make it easier for them. If you have pain in the joint and are not averse to a cold compress, it can help reduce swelling and sensitivity in the area.

4. Rest and massage

If you have joint pain and have been soldiering on bravely, you need to stop for a while and take a breather. Rest and relaxation not only helps your joints recover but it can give you a much needed break from the mental fatigue of having to endure constant pain. Massages will always be relaxing, in this case it can help by improving blood flow to the affected area, reduce stiffness by relaxing the muscles and aid in reducing inflammation. Using hot oils or cooling gels while massaging or being massaged can also have a soothing effect.

5. Right kind of footwear

Stilettos or high heeled shoes may be stylish, but they’re not good for your knee; continued use of these can cause severe knee and back pain. Look for footwear with the right kind of cushioning to help prevent shock to the knees. An alternative can be footwear inserts or shoe orthotics which not only provides cushioning but also holds the foot in position. Footwear can also be specifically designed for patients suffering with severe knee pain. 

6. Exercise

While you’re suffering with joint pain, it will help if you reduce taking the stairs. However light exercise and in a few cases some weight management can actually ease the pain.