Nightfall or night discharge is a common sexual health problem among men. This is a condition when some men tend to ejaculate during sleep. This happens usually in the early hours of the morning or late hours of the night.

The problem begins to worsen because of the weakness in the muscles and nerves of the penis which mainly happens as a result of a bad history of excessive masturbation. Other reasons of night discharge in men include thinning of the viscosity of semen, fluctuation in hormones as well as a full bladder.

Men are usually able to hold their semen, however, when becomes excess, it gets eliminated in the form of night discharge. This has become a very common health condition today and many people tend to suffer from the same. As a result of night discharge, a man also suffers many other problems such as infertility, sexual incapacity, pain in knees, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, stress, and many others. Not only this, in rare cases, a person might pass urine along with his semen during a night discharge. Thus, night discharge treatment is a must.

Treatment of night discharge: 

Night discharge treatment is possible.There are various home remedies that you can rely on apart from medication to treat the said problem. According to the doctors, the best night discharge treatment is to change and improve your lifestyle and treat the same under the guidance of your doctor. This includes reducing the frequency of masturbation as well as avoiding watching porn.

Natural methods of night discharge treatment:

Doctors suggest that meditation is an effective way of getting rid of the problem of night discharge. This is because meditation helps to increase concentration and inner feelings could be controlled because of the same. Yoga and exercise are also considered to be effective easy methods for night discharge treatment.

If you are still experiencing the problem, it is suggested to get in touch with your doctor and resort to medical treatment for relief.