Here are a few easy ways to stay fit and healthy:

1. Start your day with 1 glass of warm water, followed by 1 tsp honey or aloe vera juice.

2. A brisk walk in fresh air for 20-30 mins or stretching exercises, Tadasana, Padangusthasana, Parvatasana, Bhujangasana are some yoga asanas to be done only if known or learnt properly.

3. Detox your system periodically with mild laxatives under medical supervision to remove the toxins.

4. Destress with relaxing oil massages and steam to improve blood circulation and muscle flexibility and improve skin tone.

5. Shirodhara, Takradhara helps to relieve stress, anxiety, migraine, insomnia, lack of concentration etc.

6. Have your meals at regular intervals and adequate quantity, don't overeat to avoid gastric complaints.

7. Avoid sleeping late at night and sleeping in the daytime.

8. Laugh and be happy and spend time with your loved ones. Do not stress yourself with worries.