Oral cancer is most common nowadays, there is a lot of possibilities to occur anywhere in the mouth including the floor of the mouth, tongue, mucosa,  and even lips, there are many reasons for the cause of cancers where smoking and tobacco usage plays a vital role.

1. Pain in the mouth. Wounds and irritation while wearing dentures can cause pain in the mouth. This is one of the most common symptoms of mouth cancer.

2. White or red patches in the mouth or throat. White and red patches are caused by harmful bacteria, which are one of the symptoms of fungal infection.

3. Difficulty in swallowing. One of the most common symptoms is feeling pain and a burning sensation while chewing and swallowing food.

4. Speech problems. The voice become thinner and sounds as though we have flu.

5. A lump in the neck. Lumps can develop in the neck as the infection can reach the lymph nodes as well. This is a common symptom of mouth and oesophageal cancer.

6. Weight loss. Sudden and rapid weight loss is a common symptom of almost all cancer types. Mouth or oesophageal cancer causes pain while eating or swallowing.

7. Bad breath. (halitosis)

8. The shape of the lips change. Lips become thicker and lumps can appear.

9. Frequent bleeding and numbness in the mouth.

If you found any discomfort/abnormality in your mouth please visit an Oral pathologist (Oral Cancer Screening Specialist)