Congratulations to our young therapist, Dr. Yogitaa Mandhyaan for being awarded a Certificate for successful
completion of the course on Dry Needling in Myoskeletal conditions.

Dry needling to ease pain in the musculoskeletal region is performed with the use of acupuncture needles as also
with the use of syringe needles that are hollow and convey medication to muscle or vein. The needles seek out the trigger points, i.e. the muscle band within the larger muscle group. When there is pressure on certain areas of the nerves
sending impulses to the muscles, pain follows. Sometimes the pain is echoed at some places in the body that are seemingly unrelated to the muscle involved. This “referred pain” is known as Myofascial pain. The dry needles seek out
these points and ease the pain by controlled manipulation.

Medical areas   by Dry Needling are:

1) Headaches.

2) Frozen shoulder.

3) Tennis Elbow.

4) Muscle Spasms.

5) Sciatic Pain.

6) Hip Pain,

7) Fibromyalgia.

8) Knee Pain.

9) Repetitive Strain Injuries.

It is with great pride and pleasure that we have started this relatively new service to our patrons, and it is our commitment to help keep our fellowmen pain free.