Have you ever came around someone who doesn’t gain a pound of weight irrespective of what they eat and here you are worrying about a packet of your favorite snack that puts your weight chart in question? Today, we help you bust the metabolism hacks based on your body traits and we do it with Ayurveda! Let’s get started.

What is Dosha Balance?

Since Ayurveda treats everybody as unique and only distincts them on the basis of the fundamental trait it has, it is essential that we learn about the basics of dosha balance that differentiates between different body types and helps in catering to a wide array of individuals in terms of medicines and diet. The dosha system considers five elements i.e. earth, water, space, air, and fire. The combination of these five elements further makes up for three categories under which all individuals are differentiated i.e Vatta, Pitta and Kapha. And before you ask, we are going to reveal your metabolic keys under all these divisions.

Vatta Dosha

It is believed that individuals under this category take over space and air and are usually skinny but mentally sound with fast-moving approach in their daily lives. People with Vatta Dosha have high metabolic power and are naturally abled to assimilate all that they intake with quick breakdown of energy. That explains their quick movement and fast approach.

Pitta Dosha

Individuals with Pitta Dosha takes after the elements like fire and water and are considered incredibly intellectual with high emotional quotient but are metabolically weak due to the antagonistic nature of the principal element they take after. These individuals are also vulnerable to various health complications along with a weakened gut and are advised to keep working on their immunity to help their physical fitness. 

Kapha Dosha

People with Kapha dosha are considered to take after a combination of earth and water and are often soothing when interacted with them. Since their personality type inclines towards a calming side, they are usually balanced in terms of physical fitness. However, they might be more vulnerable to inflammations, cold and cough and are advised to keep guard during the changing seasons. Their metabolism is considerably generous but not forgiving and hence, they should be actively working out despite a comfortable physique.