Majority of the Eye Surgeries are elective and day care procedures only.  The patients are sent home after surgery with instructions and followed up the next day and subsequently at desired intervals. Patching of eye may be done for a few hours or overnight after a surgery.  

Cataract Surgery: 

1) Clean your protective shades every morning using a mild soap and water to rinse

2) Sanitise your hands before instilling eye drops

3) Discard the first drop of eye medication and keep the lid on after instillation

4) Avoid touch to your eyelids or put pressure on them

5) Maintain a gap of at least 5 minutes between instillation of any two eye drop preparations

6) No straining at stools (inform your doctor in case of constipation).  

7) Use green eye shield at night

Vitreo-Retinal Surgery:

1) Follow instructions regarding posture rigorously, if any. Posture and time will be explained by the doctor at the time of discharge.

2) Air Travel restrictions amy have to be followed strictly, in case a special gas is injected in the eye.   

LASIK Surgery

1) No rubbing of lids/no touching/no pressure for a specified period of time

2) No pressure on eye balls

3) Use protective eye shields at night

Always report to your doctor any unusual pain, watering, redness, discharge, floaters, flashes, lightning streaks or a drop in vision.