Know about those streaks or stripe like marks that keep on bothering you? Yes, you are right, those are the stretch marks. Not dangerous but obviously ugly enough to make you keep them out of other’s sight.There are many reasons behind these marks; they are pregnancy, weight gain or loss, puberty. Any factor that makes your skin stretch to that extent when the dermal collagen of your skin gets ruptured, may be behind these ugly marks.

Pregnancy Stretch Marks - Becoming a mom brings a lot of happiness in a woman’s life. But it also brings some ugly marks alongside, that can mull your happiness to some extent. Stretch Marks – the greatest fear of a woman during her pregnancy. Creams and oils are of no great help. These marks are to some extent unavoidable during pregnancy. They give you another good reason to slip into covered dresses and stay away from those that might reveal your tummy. They are just never meant to go.

Weight-Related Stretch Marks - Alteration in your weight may give you stretch marks as well. These marks are not only restricted to women. Even men who are into bodybuilding or rigorous physical exercise may see stretch marks visible on their shoulders, back, thighs or other areas of their body.

Puberty Related Stretch Marks - Puberty is all about growth and development. Our body grows during puberty often leading to stretch marks that are very difficult to get rid of.

Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks - If you really want to get out of your drapes and slip once again into halter tops, sleeveless dresses and short tops, it’s time that you get rid of these marks. Yes, you can get it of these stretch marks effectively and permanently with the help of Carboxytherapy. It is a procedure that uses Carbon Dioxide to rebuild the ruptured collagen in the stretched area of your skin and minimize the visibility of marks.

The Carboxytherapy does not involve scarring and can be applied on all types of skin. It has no side effects or recovery time and consumes very less time. Just 30 minutes per session can help you get back you smooth and marks free skin. It generally requires 6 to 12 sessions depending upon the extent of the marks on your body.

However, it must be kept in mind that Carboxytherapy is a specialized procedure and requires expert handling. So, do a little research to find out the best clinics in town, known for handling the procedure with perfection.